A valued blend of the finest legal tradition and the dynamic approach required by the ongoing evolution of legal systems: this is what the Gattamelata and Associates law firm, a tight-knit group of lawyers sharing the same ethical and deontological values and the same professional background, is about.

The Firm operates especially in the administrative law area, where it can boast vast experience, reinforced by the academic research activities carried out by the team.

The Firm offers advice in everything involving public administration, providing Clients with the best solutions whether in the form of consulting or litigation. 

Gattamelata e Associati advises banking groups, industrial enterprises, companies in the private health sector, and companies in the IT, telecommunications, antitrust, energy, environmental, paper, automotive and food sectors.

The Firm also organises ad hoc training courses for Clients.

Practice Area and Team

Practice Area

The Firm assist Clients in all public administration operating areas: procedures, consulting, administrative and tax litigation. Clients receive advice that is tailored to their specific needs.


A close-knit team of lawyers driven by a great passion and shared ethical and deontological values.


EN L’attività di ricerca ed il continuo aggiornamento dei professionisti dello Studio, sono attestati dai numerosi contributi pubblicati sulle principali riviste di settore

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