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Studio Legale Gattamelata e Associati

The Firm is among the most accredited legal consultants at national level in the field of territorial planning and development of complex urban interventions, including the drafting of urban planning plans for large and urban areas and implementation plans.

For the litigation part, the Firm follows numerous disputes throughout the national territory - and in the last two years, on the subject - it has obtained two remissions before the Constitutional Court (in construction, on the house plan of the Veneto Region; in urban planning, on the regional law of Lazio for the extension of the Appia Antica Park).

For the extrajudicial part, the Gattamelata e Associati Law Firm lends its experience throughout the national territory in relation to the so-called “Concerted urban planning”.

The firm's activity also develops in urban planning due diligence both for the purchase phase of real estate areas and complexes and for the phase of their enhancement, thus analyzing the local urban planning regulations in order to understand their compatibility with the intervention being carried out.

In these activities, the Client is assisted in carrying out the entire procedure, from participation and assistance in tender procedures for the acquisition of real estate portfolios, to enhancement and development activities, to the phases relating to the Strategic Environmental Assessment and the Impact Assessment. Environmental.

The Team's experience also extends to real estate consultancy and the enhancement of real estate in the residential, office, retail and logistics sectors.

In building matters, the Firm assists its Clients in the procedures aimed at obtaining qualifications or amnesties, and in any subsequent litigation.

The management of the building process is also guaranteed from a technical point of view, thanks to the presence of professionals from "Studio Bertarelli." In order to optimize the management of the building process and urban planning procedures, a technical structure composed of by architects, engineers, surveyors which makes it possible to combine legal assistance with additional and complementary services, such as cadastral services, planning and presentation of building practices, appraisal. In this way the firm ensures its customers a complete, timely, effective service and an optimal interaction between the different professionals who participate in every real estate development operation.

The Firm also deals with expropriation proceedings, and their contestation; of civic uses and collective property, including in litigation; of maritime and airport state property.